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Islamic Classes

Browse our list below to find details of Islamic classes or activities near you. Want to advertise an activity? Email us the details at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Ask/ Listen to the Scholars
Listen to the senior scholars online absolutely free of charges. Please visit to benefit from this unique opportunity to learn from major scholars.

Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of Community Forum. This Forum is just another step to shorten your distance and to bridge the gap between you and the scholars of Ahli-Sunnah Wal Jamah.  Please visit:

As Allaah ('Azza Wa Jal) said (translation of the meanings) "And ask people of knowledge if you know not...." (Soorah Al-Anbiyah 21:7)

So if you ever wanted to ask a scholar or could not find a satisfactory answer of a most confusing question and didn't know how to reach a scholar, now it is made available...just a "click" away.This Forum is created to make it easy for you to post your questions instantly for live lectures of scholars. You may post your questions anonymously and registration is not required.  Insha Allaah your questions will be presented to the Mashaaykh in the order received.
Al Huda Sisters
Arabic and Tajweed classes for ladies and girls
Venue: The Dubai Ladies Club (on Jumeria Beach Road), the Art Centre
Website: (check for classes schedule)
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Friday Night Reflections
Inspirational and rejuvenating Islamic talks to get you through the week - open to all
Venue: Villa 10, 9A Street, Muhaisanah 3, Dubai
Date: every Friday, 7 - 8.30pm
Website: (check for scheduled speaker and lecture title)
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel: 04 264 4115
Kalemah Kidz
Weekly Islamic Studies program aimed at making children love learning about Islam
Venue: Asmaa bint Nu'maan School, Twar 3, Dubai
Date: every Saturday, 10am - 1pm
Age groups: 6 - 10 (boys), 6 - 16 years (girls)
Activities: Qur’aan and Du’aa memorisation with meanings, The Noble Messengers of Allah, Glimpses of Islamic History, Manners and Etiquettes, Arts and Crafts, Field Trips, and much more
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel: +971 4 2644115
Quran Centres

Ibn Katheer – Sharjah, near the Ajman border in Ramaqiah 06 538 3327. Testimonials: Umm Khadijah says, “the small center is clean and has a steady staff.” They have classes in the morning for those children homeschooling and in the evening. Umm Salwar writes, “My daughters and I have been attending Ibn Katheer for a year now. I am very happy with the facility, teachers and the program. My three year old was able to learn from Surat Nas to Surat Al Shams in 9 months, MashaAllah. This was very good for her since the first two months she was in transition. She is the only English speaker in her class and the teachers don’t speak any English. In addition to Quran, they also learn Arabic. They begin with the alphabet and are also taught small dua’s. There is a special class for Tajweed/Quran memorization for Sisters that is taught in English. I have been very pleased with it and was able to finish a Juz last year! Alhumdulillah! The teachers are excellent. I have had three teachers and they are from Palestine and Yemen. We are also learning the science of Tajweed. Girls of school age attend in the evening and on one weekend day. There are two schedules. My older daughter attended one weekday night (5-7) and Sat. morn. 9-12. The school is clean, bright and well maintained. This past year they have put more money into it and have added more playground toys, benches, etc. I highly recommend visiting and taking a look.”

Nida Al Fitra – Al Warqa, (near Mirdif) Dubai primarily Quran Memorization. Contact: Nuraini 0505877434

Bin Salim – Al Mizhar,  Dubai Quran Memorization for children and adults, children 5+ depending on maturity level. There is a section for girls as well as boys. Timings are asr to maghrib. Most people attend daily but they are flexible and you can opt for the 3 day program or work with them as your schedule allows. They do require consistency, place the children according to ability, and there is a bit of homework.They have had a waiting list in the past. For more information call: 04 287 4933.

Islamic Learning Centres in UAE (Dubai,Sharjah & Ajman)

1. Al Huda Quran Learning Centre 04-2968300
2. Al Baraha Holy Quran Ctr 04-2711109
3. Al Farooq Centre for Quran 04-2895628
4. Al Huda Quran Cnt 04-2967899/2726999
5. Al Manar Quran Learning Ctr 04-3394464
6. Al Muhamadi Quran Ctr 04-2825540/3394465
7. Al Noor Quran Science 04-2643428/2646481
8. Al Siddiqe Holy Quran Ctr 04-2863803/2863833/2863835
9. Al Huda Quran Learning Ctr 04-2968200
10. Al Shaihh Saif Quran Ctr 04-2641151/2647448
11. Islamic Studies Holy Quran Ctr 04-2228667
12. Khalfan Holy Quran Learning 04-3437898
13. Malik Bin Anas Holy Quran Ctr 04-2892310
14. Mohammad Salim Holy Quran Ctr. 04-2874934
15. Nida Al Fitraa Quran School 04-2899204/2899203
16. Abu Bakr Siddique Islamic Ctr. 04-2661423/2669800
17. Al Allama Islamic School 04-3384284
18. Al Sadiq Islamic English School 04-2630173/2631078
19. Bilal Bin Rabah Islamic School 04-3385151
20. Center For Islamic Guidance 04-2690812
21. Imam Malik College 04-3344990
22. Islamic Arabic Studies 04-3961777
23. Islamic Cultural Ctr. 04-2216767
24. Jumeriah Islamic Center 04-3949461
25. Abdulla Abbas Quran Memorization 06-5333065
26. AbuDhabi Institute for Memorization 06-5436471
27. Al Hashimia School for Quran 06-5635242
28. Al Huda Quran Center,Shj 06-5249898
29. Al Quran Center 06-5676006/5676333
30. Al Radwan Quran Center 06-5487801
31. Al Sahaba Quran Center 06-5243533
32. Dar Al Huda Quran Learning CTR 06-5625456
33. Eqra Quran Learning Ctr 06-5223392
34. Al-Attrujja,Ajman 06-7436692
35. Uthman Bin Affan Quran & Sunnah Ctr
36. Ibn Katheer, shj 06-5383327
37. Dar al Luqmaan Quran Ctr,Shj
38. Dar Al Hikmah Ctr, Shj 06-5245888
39. Dar Al Asma, Ajman
40. Umm Al Mumineen, Ajm


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